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Thermal neutralization

Raf Ekologia Sp. z o.o. - Jedlicze industrial and medical waste incinerator, waste management process: R 14, R 15, D 10, R 1

Capital group Mo-BRUK S.A.

Raf-Ekologia Sp. z o. o. is involved in the thermal treatment of hazardous industrial wastes and non-industrial wastes, including medical and veterinary wastes.

The incinerator has modern and efficient installations and an experienced and professional staff which also gives a guarantee of operating according to the craftsmanship in this industry.

The incinerator is equipped with modern installation for waste disposal based on thermal technology.

Automatic control of the combustion process allows for continuous monitoring of the installation.

The advantage of thermal neutralization is a radical reduction of waste volume while recovering heat energy as renewable energy, using the generated heat to produce technological steam.